The Recipe Bible VEGAN EDITION

The Recipe Bible VEGAN EDITION

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If you are considering a vegan lifestyle and want to know how to make it work in the real world, I am here for you; as someone who went vegan a few months ago and enjoyed a plant-based lifestyle ., I have learned quite a few things about the subject. You really don't have to cut out anything from your diet; instead, just swap out certain things with their vegan counterparts. All of my favorite comfort foods now are delicious vegan dishes such as macaroni cheese, vegan meatless steak, vegan BBQ chickpea salad, and many more. I normally use seitan to make steak for meat replacement, and I am sure you'd love it too.

There are a lot more vegan dishes you'd learn from this book!

It's also important to embrace some new foods that many people never venture into, such as beans and tofu. In my opinion, these have become mainstream foods and are not just the domain of fanatics.

If you're attracted to a vegan diet but still aren't sure if it's for you, I will tell you what I have learned and provide some tips on living a healthy vegan lifestyle.





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